My new thing — a Cuisinart toaster-convection-oven-air-fryer

Blame it on climate chaos. In fact, I guess you can blame everything on that. But by two pathways, climate chaos led to me acquiring the object pictured. I have been using it — a lot.

One way climate chaos lad to this is that I don’t turn my oven…

Dilly vegan cream cheese and smoked salmon on Ak Maks and avocado toast with everything seasoning and an Arnold Palmer of homemade tea and good store-bought lemonade

It’s been an out of control time for me foodwise. I have been meaning to start a food journal but somehow “forgetting” my appointed start date and over and over for about fifteen months. There are repeated themes to what I eat.
* Tuna salads, tuna-pasta salads, tuna “melts”
* Vegetarian…

Damien Lewis (Henry VIII) Mark Rylance (Cromwell) and Claire Foy (Anne Boleyn) in the PBS drama Wolf Hall

The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantel (5 stars)
This book, being the long-awaited third in a trilogy, the first two volumes of which won enormous acclaim, needs no explanation for why I read it. I was one of that adoring throng. …

I am pretty late to this party. On May 22, 2021, David North of World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) published this open letter to Maria Svart, National Director of Democratic Socialists of America. (Please read it first if you haven’t already, for context.)

This is my response:

You all know…

Frances Fox Piven in 2019 — Author with her spouse Richard Clower of Poor People’s Movements. Her ideas were foundational to the New Party. Photo credit — Valerie Chiang for the New York Times.

Lisa Disch’s book, The Tyranny of the Two-Party System, after both a preface and Introduction, opens Chapter 1 — “The Politics of Electoral Fusion 1994–1997,” with the following paragraph:

Photo by Maria Lin Kim on Unsplash

The last part of this series will be somewhat specific to South Minneapolis in the Twin Cities, but since some of these services, if not the grocery store sources, are nationwide, it may be helpful for the rest of my readers.

I will be reviewing both the service and the…

Just three ingredients — Brussels sprouts “shaved” by hand, Imperfect Foods “seasoning for all the things,” cheap olive oil. Slightly underdone, to freeze.

I am working on Part Four of the series of reviews of meal kits, etc. This last part will be about grocery delivery services. In the process of starting out, I fell down two distinctly different rabbit holes. …

Debra Keefer Ramage

Grandmother, socialist, dual citizen. Twitter calls me the grand high matriarch of Twin Cities DSA. More:

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